Our Story

MCV Bags: Our Story

The story of the MCV bags starts 60 years ago in Verona with the creator, Franco Godi, who with a lifetime of experience has become an expert in his knowledge of leathers and the making of beautiful handbags.
Franco has brought a uniqueness and great artistry to his individual creations right up to the present day.

MCV Bags: Our Passion

MCV handbags are made with a passion and with the emphasis always on design. There is continual research into the best materials, the best working practices (and leather sustainability) but always keeping in mind functionality and up to date fashion trends.

This is the world of MCV, handbags that are both timeless and of our time.

MCV Bags: Made in Italy

MCV are based in Verona in the heart of Veneto where one finds the traditional artisan craftsman as well as the tanneries, which for hundreds of years have produced beautiful leathers for these craftsmen to work with.